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The Perfect Match

Remote Roll customizes the perfect team for your company, whether it’s a Creative Director, Producer, Editor, or Content Creator – you name it. For all your content production needs, we connect you with the right individuals to bring your vision to life.

Projects Delivered

Flexible Scaling

Adapt your production team to match your content needs. We customize teams based on your requirements.

Creative Director




Film Crew


Elevate your content with Remote Roll's elite producers and creatives, curating cinematic experiences for brands worldwide.


Every project has specific needs, and having a team prepared for each type of different product is essential. Remote Roll delivers diverse products, online or in-person, always adapting according to the demand that the project requires.

What they say

At X-Team we produce a lot of videos and we do it with the support of Remote Roll. We chose the video medium because it’s more engaging. We want to inform our clients and prospects about what X-Team does and what drives us. Their name of being “Remote” is very suitable. The fact that I’m able to create with them amazing studio quality videos from home is amazing. I send them the recordings, and overnight I receive the edited videos that is highly professional for promoting X-Team’s brand.

Amit Sion

Amit Sion

CFO @ X-Team

When I needed a team to create a special effect for my music video, I relied on Remote Roll to manage and edit it. Could never have asked for a better team to create something like that.



Artist & Singer

Remote Roll was part BTSBrasilTV production team during Dota 2 The International two times and at the Counter-Strike 2 RMR America and Major events. They were essential on the creation of films on-site and remote editing to compliment the official livestream throughout those events. I consider them essential on our productions.

Fabio “Shaolin” Madia

Fabio “Shaolin” Madia