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Being remote can be a deal-maker

We work remotely and that gives us many capabilities. Of course we can present for specific events to record, transmit or participate in one way or another, but that doesn’t mean we are not simultaneously working remotely. Let us explain!

Camera crew + remote editors

During live events in various countries, we’ve been able to adapt and deliver products in different ways. We were a part of BTSBrasilTV during the CS2 Copenhagen Major, and our team was present in Denmark recording and creating content, including interviews with talented teams and athletes. Meanwhile, our editors were working remotely to deliver videos for use during the live transmission.


Our production team can help you achieve your goals all around the globe with remote productions. That means we can sort out recording days, gather local camera crews, send our own film and edit team or anything in between. We can face your challenges together to deliver specific demands tailored to your needs.

Changing the way your brands approaches video deliverables

We understand that each different project can have different budgets and specific needs. And considering that, we can adapt to every single project with budget and quality always in mind.