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Recorded or live…

Livestreams can be a special or recurrent event, enabling even more interactions with fans, collaborators, or clients. There are infinite possibilities for what you can transform this type of product into: RPGs, game shows, music events, and competitions, to name a few.

We’ve seen really great development for our clients with this type of product, wether if it’s live or pre-recorded. Both have it’s perks.

Live events

When dealing with live shows, we must ensure that the minimum number of problems could appear during the transmission. This means that pre-production and preparations before the events are essential parts of the process.

However, the counterpart of unpredictability is live interaction with the chat. This can make a huge difference when delivering a live product and can be integrated directly into the event through voting processes, live interactions, chat reading, and even games that allow viewers to participate directly in the results.

Pre-recorded events

As for the counterpart, there’s the pre-recorded event, which can be approached like a TV show. We produce everything needed for the event before the scheduled day, ensuring that the entire product can be approved by all involved parties and refined to the best of our abilities.

This guarantees that the delivery of the event is more under our control but relies heavily on time spent on editing and pre-recording everything needed.

Experience that makes a difference

We have a huge baggage when dealing with livestream events, live or pre-recorded. Going through all the events we did to this day, gives us the full capabilities to deliver amazing products with great quality that resonates for a great time.